Les Voyages

Cie. XY · Contemporary circus · France

Santiago do Cacém · Odemira
16 AND 25 APR
Cie. XY    •    Contemporary circus    •    France

Les Voyages

Twenty circus performers are going to explore how acrobatic language can reflect and reinterpret public space - a building, a neighbourhood, a landscape - to offer an instant, a particular emotion, “a slight distortion of reality” as we know it.

Its mission: to experience the entrance of the glimmer of an adventure, not in the shadow or darkness of a theatre hall, but in the light of a village.

This acclaimed collective of French based acrobats has presented its stimulating work all over the world, and explores, in this creation, the relationship between artistic practices and performance in public space.

Initially, the company will collect raw material for the creation, which may be composed of waves, meadows, cork, medronho and the thousand and one accents that illustrate this very diverse territory, between Santiago do Cacém and Odemira.

LES VOYAGES is a collective and silent construction, an ephemeral and sensitive architecture of bodies in balance, where the fragile and emotional encounters between artists and strangers are forged with solidarity.

Artistic and technical credits

With Alice Noel, Amaia Valle, Anna-Lou Serre, Anne de Buck, Camille de Truchy, David Badia Hernandez, David Coll Povedano, Diego Ruiz Moreno, Etienne Revenu, Evertjan Mercier, Gazzola Vallesi Gonzalo, Guillaume Sendron, Jordi Puigoriol, Marianna Boldini, Marta Munoz, Michael Pallandre, Otto Monedero de Andres, Pedro Guerra, Pierre Le Gouallec, Pierre-Jean Breaud, Sergi Parès, Thibaut Berthias

Comte External eye

Samuel Buton Photographer

Antoine Billaud Production manager

Cie XY Production

Santiago do Cacém
Parque Verde da Quinta do Chafariz
16 APR sat 4:30pm

Anfiteatro do Cerro do Peguinho
25 APR mon 6:00pm

Running time  60 min aprox.

Age rating  M/3+

Free entrance subject to the capacity of the space