Cie. Barolosolo · New circus · France

Odemira · Santiago do Cacém
4 TO 12 JUN
Cie. Barolosolo    •    New circus    •    France


Balad'O is an aquatic circus performance where the artists set off on a journey and transform themselves along the way.

Musicians and circus performers undertake a dreamlike journey in the open air along parallel paths: during this journey in exile, far from everything, they transform themselves into half men and half aquatic animals to offer a completely new circus performance.

Artistic credits

Mathieu Levavasseur Conception

Thibault Lapeyr chinese mast Oliver Zimmermann funambulist Mathieu Levavasseur chinese pole and bycicles bearer Trio Qualamano com Camille De Truchis acrobacies Victor Delval e Nicolo Marzoli bearers Performers

Groupe BalenkO com Helmut Nunning double bass Samuel Peronnet accordion Renaud Manos guitar Julien Heurtel drums Hugo Piris violin Musicians

Jardim Ribeirinho do Mira
4 · 5 JUN sat and sun 7:00PM

Santiago do Cacém
Lagoa de Santo André
11 · 12 JUN sat and sun 7:00PM

Running time  120 min

Age rating  M/6+

Free entrance subject to the capacity of the space