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NÃO is a performance that was born from a dialogue between Giacomo Scalisi and writer Afonso Cruz, about his books Paz Traz Paz and O Livro do Ano, and some unpublished texts that emerged after an exchange of ideas. Since the beginning of this creation, there was a clear desire to speak to the entire public, in particular to children and young people, about the importance of being able to think about freedom and of being a human being as one of the best antidotes to combat hatred. NÃO is like a reminder of the important things that we really can't forget. It's the story of the 'yes' that should have been 'no'. Three women merge into one to explain to us that monsters exist - and that they take shape as a result of the smallest things and as a result of the most baseless fears.

Initially, the Institute of Normal People argued that normality came from the freedom of each being as they are. To be normal was to be different and unique. Now this Institute defends that, in order to avoid deviant behavior, we must all act in an equal way to protect the good people. What is it, after all, to be normal? And what are good people? Arranged with polyphonic singing, NÃO shows us that three different voices are more beautiful than unison, and that harmony is a possible dream. We choose, therefore, given the normality that surrounds us, the only path that seems unusual: TO RESIST.

Artistic and technical credits

Giacomo Scalisi Artistic direction

Afonso Cruz original texts and excerpts from Paz Traz Paz and O Livro do Ano Text

Ana Root, Rita Rodrigues, Sofia Moura Interpretation and co-creation

Ana Root Musical creation

Pedro Salvador Musical co-creation and external ear

Santiago do Cacém
Auditório Municipal António Chainho
1 NOV (mon) – 4:00PM

Espaço +
23 OCT (sat) – 7:00PM
24 OCT (sun) – 6:00PM
Inserted in the programme of Lavrar o Mar

Casa do Povo de Alferce
6 NOV (sat) – 7:00PM
7 NOV (sun) – 6:00PM
Inserted in the programme of Lavrar o Mar

Running time  1h00

Age rating  M/8+
Minimum age allowed is 8 years old

€3 Single Price
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