Dans ton Coeur

Cie. Akoreacro · New Circus · France

Santiado do Cacém
17 - 20 DEC
Cie. Akoreacro    •    New Circus    •    France

Dans ton Coeur

From the daily life of a couple, a series of unimportant situations slip and give way to fantastic stunts. Once the heat of passion wears off, routine and the inevitable arguments are here to stay...

That's life!

Between familiar gestures and dazzling pirouettes, the acrobats weave together real-life little “nothings” with incredible skills. Refrigerators swing, washing machines light up and bodies rise in a spectacular, tumultuous and tender manifestation.

Artistic credits

Pierre Guillois Staging


Claire Aldaya balancer  Romain Vigier acrobat, carrier  Maxime Solé acrobat, Washington trapezium  Basile Narcy acrobat, carrier, juggler  Maxime La Sala framework carrier  Antonio Segura Lizan balancer  Craig Dagostino carrier, acrobat  Joan Ramon Graell Gabriel carrier, acrobat  Vladimir Tserabun double bass, cello, bass  Eric Delbouys drums, percussion, guitar  Nicolas Bachet saxophone, acrobat  Johann Chauveau keyboard, flute

Santiago do Cacém
Location to be announced
17 · 19 · 20 DEC sat, mon and tue 9:00PM
18 DEC sun 5:00PM

Duration  1h15

Age rating  M/6+

Free entrance
Adults 10€ from 12 years old and on
Children 5€ children up to 11 years old