Bowing Back

Madalena Victorino and guests · Portugal
Dance · Music · Spoken word

Odemira · Jardim Ribeirinho do Mira
11 · 12 · 13 NOV
Madalena Victorino and guests    •    Dance, music and spoken word    •    Portugal

Bowing Back

BOWING is a dance, music and spoken word performance. In this second edition, we migrated from São Teotónio to Odemira. We arrived with a new performance in which languages ​​are condensed in a great attempt to communicate.

Dozens of migrants from India, Punjab, Nepal, Bangladesh and China join forces with artists in the fields of movement, spoken word and music to create a piece together that will transform Odemira for three nights.

BOWING is an itinerant creation through the village, where the streets are filled with voices, dances, rhythms, as well as reinvented and yet to be invented words. It is the Portuguese language that proclaims itself nomadic, welcoming future peoples and generations with crossed by geographies as distant as they are present. BOWING is the right to have an accent. It is the time to translate a shout into Portuguese, a laugh into Hindi, a moan into Bangla, a sigh into Punjabi: native languages ​​of this new Alentejo in which we live.

Artistic credits

Madalena Victorino Artistic Direction

In co-creation and with the performance of

Inês Melo dance  Matilde Real word  Daniela Cruz dance  Francisco Thiago dance  João Oliveira dance  Manuel Ruiz word  Sara Paternesi dance  Rajendra Shiwakoti music BOWING Nuclear Team

Arshpreet Kaur, Gursanj Preet Kaur, Naima Nabin, Rani Pathak, Taranpreet Dhindsa, Harshdeep Singh Cheema, Aashika Kandel, Aayush Kandel, Harjot Singh, Abijot Singh, Daniel Wang, Saimon Kandel, Nusaiba Taima Nur, Sushant Adhikari, Amrita Budha, Jasmeen Kaur, Laxmi Khadka, Maitri Patel, Milan Budha Magar, Aayush K C, Onkar Singh, Jasmin Sapkota, Saima Nabin, Max, Bibo, Muhammed Shoaib, Gagan Singh, Gurjeet Singh, Tara, MD Jashmin, Pahan Kshetri, Arafh Yeahen, Nayon Hawlader, Cristina, Charanjot, entre outros Odemira’s municipality population

Pedro Salvador musical coordenation and creation  Margarida Mestre choral creation and singer  Chão Maior - Yaw Tembe, Norberto Lobo, Leonor Arnaut, João Almeida, Ricardo Martins musical creation Guest Artists

Joaquim Madaíl Lighting Design and Technical Direction

Carolina Ribeiro com o apoio de elementos da população do concelho de Odemira Executive Production

Samuel Meyler Logistical and artistic support

Jardim Ribeirinho do Mira
11 · 12 · 13 NOV fri to sun 7:00PM

Duration  Aprox. 3 hours

Age rating  M/6+

Free entrance
subject to the location’s capacity