Bibeu and Humphrey

Cie. L'Attraction Céleste · New circus · France

Santiago do Cacém · Odemira
4 TO 20 MAR
Cie. L'Attraction Céleste    •    New circus    •    France

Bibeu and Humphrey

It is a dive into the almost traditional universe of clown and music performances, which these two artists seize in their hands, to adapt and reinvent a new sense of 'clownesque' theatrical play, full of poetry and sensitivity.

A performance that, thanks to its dramaturgy and the expressiveness of these actor-musicians, brings us characters who parade, who greet us, connect with us, who unravel, who are alone. It's sad and happy. It has improvisation, words from a song, endless situations…

The boundary between laughter and tears will not always be clear.

Artistic credits

A creation by L'Attraction Céleste

Servane Guittier, Antoine Manceau Creators and performers

Santiago do Cacém
Auditório António Chainho
4 · 5 MAR fri to sat 9:00PM
6 MAR sun 4:00PM

Zambujeira do Mar
Associação Cultural Recreativa Desportiva Zambujeirense
18 · 19 MAR fri to sat 9:00PM
20 MAR sun 4:00PM

Running time  60 min

Age rating  M/8+

Adults 7€
Children 3€ children up to 11 years old